The construction of a viewing platform at Chechle bunker on Dąbrówka Hill has started.

15 March 2017

On 08 December 2017 there was concluded the contract with P.B.E. ELBUD Gdańsk S.A.  with its registered seat in Nowy Świat 42/44 in Gdansk for the implementation of the task: “Construction of viewing platform at the bunker within the project LIFE12 NAT/PL/000031” under the name “Comprehensive protection of non-forest natural habitats on military areas in Natura 2000 site” –  “Pustynia Błędowska” funded under LIFE+ European Union financial instrument and National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

According to this task, the viewing platform with a steel construction is designed on the reinforced concrete foundation. The entire construction should comprise of openwork qualities with stiffening and rainforest concrete element which forms a compositional component.

Shape of the platform – equilateral triangle of 18 m long side is designed to resemble the residue of the foundation of the observation tower on the north-east side. The residue of the foundation and post-German bunker as well as land composition, emphasizing its industrialization and referring to the past, will be preserved.

The entrance to the platform is positioned on the north side and a ramp for the disabled is located on the western side parallel to the reinforced concrete element.

The ramp will be extended by the wooden deck which creates the opportunity for the wheelchair users to access the platform.

The viewing platform will be equipped with 8 information boards and meteorological station.

Pict. Demonstration of the location of the projected platform on Dąbrówka hill in Chechle

Currently, the establishment of the foundations of the platform is being carried out.

Text by J. Markiewicz – Kuchta, pictures JMK