A4 Cleansing of the terrain from the duds and unexploded materials

The action taken 

Checking and cleaning the site of explosive and dangerous materials (PWiN) was the key action for the start of the work in the field. It has enabled to ensure safety during the performance of the tasks of the active protection (C1). Action: CLEANSING OF THE TERRAIN FROM THE DUDS AND UNEXPLODED MATERIALS was carried out in the period from 06.08.2014 to 30.07.2015  by GeoFusion Group designated by way of open tender. As a result of work carried out, we’ve gathered 9.555 PCs. explosive and dangerous, that were destroyed in three rounds (09.12.2014, 19.06.2015, Aug 31). During work carried out to check and clean the terrain (to a depth of 1.20 m) with explosive and dangerous is not violating finds valuable historically or covers all. In addition, the company was tasked with the clean land with wild garbage dumps (removed 4.78 Mg municipal waste – mostly from households (bottles, diapers, milk products, clothes, footwear, etc.). This element, confirmed that the State forest clutter is very large. In conversations with the Mayor of the municipality of Klucze and the village-mayor of the village Chechło, we asked for an appeal to local residents on the non littering of site. Since then, the scale of the problem significantly decreased. During the field work of garbage are not dropped in the woods, and after completion of the work of removing trees and shrubs area will be largely an outdoor (366 ha).

Within the framework of the tasks carried out are the following:

  • The development of the methodology of work to check and clean the site with PWiN-this document is on the way, and described how to perform work in the desert.
  • The adoption of the terrain of the desert to the execution of a task (provision of land by the RZI)
  • Engineering work to a depth of at least 1.2 m consisting of detection, removal and destruction: unexploded ordnance, duds, ammunition, the remnants of unexploded materials and ammunition, other explosive, the remnants of them, all metal objects with specific areas;
  • Issue of a certificate confirming the safety within the activity;
  • To clear the site after made the work and return to natural state seats after PWiN. In addition, the removal from the work of the dumps waste, debris, scrap and all waste resulting from work;
  • Execution of the as-built documentation;
  • The execution of archaeological supervision during the work (at the expense of the contractor) – change brought the initial report to KE.

On the right, in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the tasks of the Watch Inspector Supervising the correctness of Work of checking and cleaning the site of explosive and dangerous (the PWP Inspector).

The tasks of the Inspector had to be among others:

  • verification carried out by the Sapper Company (FS), the methodology works for PWiN;
  • involved in providing the site Dubno FS.
  • ad hoc checks on behalf of the contracting authority – maximum 30 ad hoc, not less than 20 for the duration of the contract;
  • the share of deliveries of partial and final work of engineering;
  • documentary by FS and the examination of the conformity of the surface of the treated by sappers 10% with 374,7513, ha;
  • review of the place of detonation, people and devices used by the FS in case,
  • substantive support to the customer in the case of having to detonate items
  • the place to find and discover archeological site.