20 December 2014


31.10.2014r monitoring of the state “0” for about 50% of the surface area was completed.

During the process the following tests have been carried out:

1. Detailed floristic inventory

Detailed floristic inventory, with particular emphasis on protected and endangered higher plants and fungi (including lichens). The task was to protect against destruction of important plant species, possible modification of the location and time of execution of protective treatments, providing botanical surveillance over the earthworks and collect data for multimedia presentations and databases.

2. Detailed faunal inventory

A detailed faunal inventory, which verified the existence primarily protected and endangered species of this area. This task was to secure the destruction of important species populations.

3. Inventory of natural habitats

Inventory habitat mapping involves making land habitats in the area under the LIFE Project 12NAT / PL / 000031, during the growing season. On this basis, habitat distribution maps for the study area have been developed .

4. Geomorphological expertise

Geomorphological expert analysis taking into account the construction of the geology and morphology of the terrain, inventory geomorphological forms, identification of areas for a total of unveiling and launching of eolian processes, assessing the impact of the introduction of heavy mechanical equipment and renaturation works on the degree of conservation geomorphological forms, characteristics of the wind in the desert, the distribution of their policies and force during the year, other indications for conducting active conservation treatments. The purpose of these analyzes was, inter alia, eliminating the possibility of negative impact of the LIFE Project 12NAT / PL / 000,031 on the local microclimate, excessive intensification of erosion, deterioration hydrogeological conditions in the areas adjacent to the area covered by the agent.