D1 Monitoring of the effects of protective actions

The action taken (D. 1)

The main objective of action D 1 is the best possible preparation of the action of the active protection. In addition, the information thus collected will be used to continue monitoring the State of the area after completion of the project NAT LIFE12/EN/000031.

The task was entrusted to a specialized company with many years of experience in the implementation of such projects, who by means of tendering, i.e.. company Habitat Selection, Mateusz Kolecki, Michał Wegrzyn.

The first element of the implementation of the tasks specified – preparatory work has allowed for the development of the document Nr.: “preliminary assessment of the photography project area on the basis of a review of the land” which is an important element for the development of organizational and technical documentation in the operation of C1. It shows areas particularly important from the point of view of the natural, the way to get around in the desert and I was given a basis for planning the Organization of the work.

At the same time was the first stage of the monitoring-Monitoring the State of the “0”, the document on the work of monitoring was passed to the RZI in Krakow in two parts, i.e.: 31.10.2014. the contractor submitted a dossier to the pn.: “Monitoring” 0 “stage 1” while 30.06.2015. was transferred to the “Monitoring” 0 “stage 2” Both documents have been approved by LCH. nature.