Deflation field cleaning work completed.

28 November 2017

The assumed GOAL of task implementation has been achieved. The buffer zone (deflation fields) was cleaned by one-time cleaning with a subsoiler and sandcleaner of the area not covered with grasslands.

The works were carried out in the period: 12-27.06.2017 (11 days), 17.07-11.08.2017 (20 days), 04.09-24.11.2017 (57 days). They were carried out based on a pilot work plan for the cleaning of podzol soil, based on the daily orders of the Head of the District Infrastructure Board in Kraków. The employees were trained in the operation of the subsoiler with toothed shafts and sandcleaner and were instructed in the scope of work, OHS, fire prevention and nature, and environment protection.

The area covered by active protection measures (C1), from which the compact stand and pine thickets were removed (despite the removal of biomass – needles, cones, branches, roots) before carrying out work on deflation fields are covered by several dozen centimeters of the organic layer. It forms the initial podzolic soil, whereas a result of succession pine seedlings and other trees, as well as herbaceous plants,  will appear. It is characteristic for post-harvest areas. Discovered soil can also be inhabited by invasive species.

Protected natural habitats did not cover the area covered by the works. In the project area, approx. 200 ha, work was carried out on an area of 182 ha. The remaining area is a space of protected natural habitats, whose preservation is conditioned by the project. Open sand areas so-called a buffer zone, are spaces where aeolian processes can freely occur, and the sand displaced from it will inhibit succession on areas of protected habitats 2330 and 6120.

On 180 ha, works were carried out with a subsoiler and sandcleaner. Works were depended on the ongoing assessment of the area by the supervising person.

The works were carried out using the following equipment: 2 TRACTORS (35 WOG and 5 Battalion), GŁĘBOSZ, SANDCLEANER, KP7 container, backhoe loader, tractor with semi-trailer Jelcz 417D.

Note: two used JOHN DEERE 6095 wheeled tractors are equipped to the engine with a DPF filter and a DOC catalyst which meets the highest ecological standards of class III B, 4 × 4 drive and equipped with mechanical and hydraulic couplings that fully meet the requirements of sandcleaner and subsoiler with shafts.

During the conducted works, no accidents and threats to the working people were recorded. Any damage or pollution of the area was noted. There were also no explosive or dangerous items. Exercises of the army did not significantly affect the work carried out, the way and place of work were adapted to the needs of training soldiers. The jobs went without significant disturbances.

According to current needs, consumables were replaced in the Desert, i.e., screws in the subsoiler and teeth in the sandcleaner. Every day, after work, machines and tractors were cleaned of impurities.

Prepared by: Edyta Mazur