Management and monitoring

Whole project shall be managed and coordinated by Management Team consisting of workers of Regional Board of Infrastructure in Kraków and people employed on the basis of contract of work. Management Team of the Project was established by the Head of RZI in Kraków and acts on the basis of procedures/regulations/orders accepted in RZI.
• Scientific consistency of the project is provided by Consultant for Environment and Programme Board.
• Performed operations of active protection and works in the field are supervised by Senior Specialist for Project Realization.
• Technical supervision of restoration works shall be performed by Management Team with technical support of Consultant for Environment.
• The members of Management Team currently undertake the evaluation of project realization.
• One of the members of Management Board is appointed to the coordination of each task.
• Separate Inspector for Project Realization is responsible for the monitoring of implementation of whole project.
Tasks for the Programme Board:
The Programme Board fulfills opinion-shaping and advisory functions for the Management Team of the Project and performs the following tasks:
• Technical supervision over the realization of the project LIFE12 NAT/PL/000031,
• Help for the management when making decisions in cases concerning possible changes in term, range and way of realization tasks,
• Help for the management when making decisions in cases concerning the risk for the delivery of the project.

1. Meeting of the Programme Board – on 3rd December 2013.
During the meeting Management Board of the Project presented the project outcomes and aims.

Additionally the members of the Programme Board adopted the Programme Board Regulations and appointed the President of the Programme Board and the Vice President of the Programme Board.
2. Meeting of the Programme Board – on 5th June 2014.
The meeting aimed to familiarize with the area and the discussion of the works planned to be conducted on the area of Błędowska Desert.

The beneficiary shall create the net of contacts with other LIFE+’s projects. The goal is information exchange on the project and effective protection of xerothermic habitats related to other applications.
We exchange the experience on board and consult in various issues with the following LIFE+’s projects:
• LIFE 12 NAT/PL/000053 – “The protection of xerothermic habitats on the area of Nature 2000 on Miechowska Highland”.
• LIFE 09 NAT/PL/000259 – “Active protection of sand habitats complex (6120, 2330) on the area of Nature 2000 on Błędowska Desert”.
• LIFE 11 NAT/PL/000432 – “The protection of precious natural non-forest habitats specific for the area of Orle Gniazda Landscape Park”.
• LIFE 08 NAT/H/000289 and LIFE 07 NAT/H/000321, Veszprem – “Nature protection in military areas”.
From 14th to 16th May 2014 we took part in the conference in Veszprem “Nature protection in military areas” organized by the projects LIFE 08 NAT/H/000289 and LIFE 07 NAT/H/000321.

F3 External financial audit
Financial audit shall be performed in two-fold manner: first stage after 2014 year after project completion till 31st January 2015 and the second till 31st August 2017.

Action plan shall be prepared at the end of the project and it shall include the way of the continuation of activities launched in LIFE+ project after the expiry of the performance period. The plan shall determine the way of continuation of the protection of habitats and species taken into account in the project and the way of holding ecological effects. The plan shall additionally include the strategy of disseminating and passing on information about the results of the project after completing the project. Information included in the materials shall determine also possible source of funding for the activities and the responsibility for the performance.
The action plan shall be developed in two language versions: Polish and English, in paper and electronic form (the document shall be placed on the website of the project).
Commune Office Klucze
Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection
Complex of Landscape Parks of Śląskie Voivodeship
We would like to inform, that in relation to the field works within the project LIFE12 NAT/PL/000031 for tasks concerning checking and demining the area of explosives and dangerous materials, removing trees and bushes and the monitoring of protective activities from the date of 1st September 2014 and until further notice PUBLIC ACCESS IN NOT PERMITED on the area of Błędowska Desert in use of the Polish Army (The property number 2652/3).