Monitoring of the impact of activities

The monitoring of protective actions effect in LIFE 12 NAT/PL000031 project “Complex protection of non-forest natural habitats on military areas in the field of the Nature 2000” – the task shall be performed by HABITAT SELECTION SC Mateusz Kolecki, Michał Węgrzyn, ul. Sikorskiego 11/31, 34-400 Nowy Targ. On 22th July 2014 the contract was signed and at the same time we started field works. The best preparation of active protection activities. Moreover in such way collected data shall be used for further monitoring of the state of the site following the end of LIFE 12 NAT/PL000031 project.
The main goal of activities of “Monitoring of protective actions effect” is possible [urwany tekst] The task of “Monitoring of protective actions effect” includes the following stages:
a) Preparatory work (inventory of natural habitats aiming to the preparation of works for A4 and C1 activities).
b) Stage I: the monitoring of the state “0-preworking monitoring” including as follows:
• Inventory of natural environment
• Geomorphologic expertise
• Monitoring of natural habitats
The goal of this stage is the diagnosis of natural habitats condition before technical works and qualitative support for the Performers of tasks: “Checking and removal of trees and bushes from the surface of restored natural habitats – active protection”.
c) Stage II – the performance of specialist geodesic supervision and cooperation.
[urwany tekst] the area of explosives and dangerous materials” and “Removal of the trees [tekst urwany] d) Stage III – the monitoring of the impact of actions at the end of the active protection.

The action taken (D. 1)

The main objective of action D 1 is the best possible preparation of the action of the active protection. In addition, the information thus collected will be used to continue monitoring the State of the area after completion of the project NAT LIFE12/EN/000031.

The task was entrusted to a specialized company with many years of experience in the implementation of such projects, who by means of tendering, i.e.. company Habitat Selection, Mateusz Kolecki, Michał Wegrzyn.

The first element of the implementation of the tasks specified – preparatory work has allowed for the development of the document Nr.: “preliminary assessment of the photography project area on the basis of a review of the land” which is an important element for the development of organizational and technical documentation in the operation of C1. It shows areas particularly important from the point of view of the natural, the way to get around in the desert and I was given a basis for planning the Organization of the work.

At the same time was the first stage of the monitoring-Monitoring the State of the “0”, the document on the work of monitoring was passed to the RZI in Krakow in two parts, i.e.: 31.10.2014. the contractor submitted a dossier to the pn.: “Monitoring” 0 “stage 1” while 30.06.2015. was transferred to the “Monitoring” 0 “stage 2” Both documents have been approved by LCH. nature

The task includes working up questions and a questionnaire form, performance of a test in the field, statistical analysis and working up final report. The task was commissioned to specialized external company (EU Consulting Sp. z o.o., ul. Wały Piastowskie 1, Gdańsk; contract number 1/2014/Life on 21st January 2014) which has an experience in preparation of such documents.
[urwany tekst] in February and April 2014 carrying on the second stage –
Above mentioned research was divided into two stages. First stage was carried on [urwany tekst] (200 questionnaire forms) is planned on 2017 – at the end of planned project.