18 November 2018

On November 15-16, 2018 there was a PLATFORM MEETING of LIFE projects organized by the ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI AND NADNIDZIASKI PARK COMPLEX IN KIELCE, project coordinating beneficiary of the LIFE13 project NAT / PL / 000038 “Protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie.” The meetings were devoted to the exchange of experiences between projects. All participants of the Platform meeting were divided into three groups, with three thematically split positions. Each group included a different thematic block. The main issues discussed at the meeting were: closing projects, final report, differences in the Euro exchange rate, preparing final reports, accounting, and financial matters.

Topics related to the settlement of Projectsuring were presented at the meeting.

Life, writing, and submitting the final report.

On the second day, representatives of the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziański Landscape Parks Complex in Kielce acquainted the participants with the area of ​​activities covering their project.


Prepared by: Katarzyna Kępa

Foto: Archives LIFE