Thank you for attending the conference

15 September 2017

On behalf of the District Board of Infrastructure in Krakow and the project team, we would like to thank all conference speakers and visitors for their participation in the international conference of the LIFE12 NAT / PL / 000031 project. Comprehensive protection of non-forested natural habitats in military areas in Natura 2000 area – Błędów Desert (17-19.05.2017).
This event was an opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the LIFE program, which was mentioned more than once during the conference.

During lectures, we have covered topics closely linked to project implementation, the Natura 2000 sites and social, historical and economic significance of the Błędów Desert.


The conference was started by the Head of the District Infrastructure Management Board Colonel Przemysław Breliński, who in his speech contributed the tasks carried out by the Management Board, including the implementation of the project in the Błędów Desert. Next, the representatives have applied of the Ministry of National Defense, representatives Undersecretary of State Mr. Bartłomiej Grabski – Colonel Jerzy Krotla, representative of the Inspectorate of Armed Forces Support in Bydgoszcz – Colonel Grzegorz Bodnar and field site representative in Błędów Desert – Major Marcin Gil.

During the event, General Grzegorz Halupka, Commander of the 6th Airborne Brigade in Krakow, was among us, who stressed how important the area for military training was in the area of ​​the Błędów Desert. The participation of the general at the conference summarising the project was extremely important. Positive words spoken during the speech confirmed us that the realization of the natural project was part of the needs of the army, so maintaining its effects will be easier.

Another lecture panel allowed the representative of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management Mrs. Marta Wojtaniec to offer an insight to raise funds and finance projects within the scope of the LIFE program.

Then the Deputy Regional Director for Enivronmental Protection in Kraków, Regional Nature Conservator Dr. Bożena Kotońska reminisced the origins of the project and its role in the implementation of the protection plan. The warm words were directed to the people involved in the project.

In the following speech the Head of the Commune of Klucz Norbert Bień underlined the importance of the area for the residents of the commune which is Błedów Desert.

Thereafter, information about the project and its implementation was presented by Edyta Mazur the project manager in her speech, closing at the same time another lecture panel.

The subsequent panels have been addressed to the following issues :

Dr hab., prof. UŚ Oimahmad Rahmonov presented the topic entitled „ Ecosystem transformations and landscape of Błędów Desert on the background of historical and modern circumstances”, Dr Michał Węgrzyn discussed the importance of taking measures of natural habitats on the example of Błędów Desert, while prof. Stanisław Małek, PhD, Eng. mentioned the issue of the ecological requirements of scots pine.

In addition, the science specialist of the project LIFE12 NAT/PL/000031 – Dr Wojciech Mróz –  gave a lecture on nature conservation in the military area by the example of Błędów Desert, while Dr Maja Głowacka discussed the social, educational and cultural values of the Błędów Desert.

On the next day we visited the site of Błędów Desert, where participants of the conference were able to get familiar with the effect of the field operations. Through the dispaly of parachute exercises and assault on the designated position the soldiers acquainted us with the use of the desert by the military.

We also visited the Desert Center in Commune of Klucz– an exhibition with a continued exposure which concern the protection of the Błędów Desert and other areas important for protection of the habitat grasslands.

Another day of the conference was devoted to the topics related to the programme LIFE+ representatives of the projects acquainted conference participants with implemented projects.

During the conference we hosted representatives of the military, institutions and offices supporting the project and friendly projects LIFE. Among the guests were also representatives of foreign projects from Czech Republic, Latvia, Denmark.