The fourth meeting of the Project Council

10 July 2015

The fourth meeting of the Project Council was held at the registered office of the Regional Infrastructure Board in Cracow on the 09 July 2015. Edyta Mazur, the Manager of the Project, discussed the most import_ant issues and then the members of the meeting visited the Błędowska Desert.
The proposal “Building a viewing platform”, which was sent to the European Commission, was presented on the Dąbrówka hill (bunker). The Project Council expressed its support for this task. Then, the members of the Council and the invited guests visited the desert terrain where Michał Węgrzyn and Mateusz Kołecki, representatives of the Habitat Selection Company, discussed the “0” state environmental monitoring.
Dr hab. Oimahmad Rahmonov emphasized that the active protection measures carried out under the Project, and aimed at improving the protection status of the grasslands natural habitats, should contribute to the start of the aeolian processes and halting the process of soil creation, and thus to the inhibition of secondary succession in the area.
Another objective of the Management Team was to show the members of the Council the progress of field work – to this end, a meeting was organized with the representatives of the Polbud Company, who were responsible for the task Removal of trees and shrubs from the surface of restored habitats.
Council representatives shared their comments on the works of the Polbud Company and its representatives assured that they do not see any threats – failure to timely accomplish their agreement, including 140 hectares in the first phase.

Manager Edyta Mazur thanked the Head of the Regional Infrastructure Board in Cracow, Klucze commune administrator, invited guests and members of the Council for all the help and support in the activities of the Project Management Team.