The result of environmental monitoring

6 August 2019

On August 5, 2019, the result of environmental monitoring carried out as part of the sustainability of the ecological effect was presented. Environmental monitoring carried out in 2019 made it possible to compare the status of natural habitats on a representative sample of 1/6 transects (20 out of 120) designated for monitoring work within the transect

The monitoring tests carried out did not show any significant change in the conservation status of the natural habitats on the transects tested.

We pay atention that two indicators have significantly improved – Shrub expansion and tree saplings (an improvement from U1 to FV on six transects, and deterioration on one) and alien invasive species (improvement in value on five sites and deterioration on one).

This factor indicates the effectiveness of the active protection carried out at this time, consisting of cleaning deflation fields, as well as the selective removal of regrowth willows.

Prepared by K. Kępa

Foto: K.K